Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our
services and what you can expect from PMG Consultancy.

Why should I use PMG Ltd?

PMG Ltd offer a client focused, highly professional, friendly and prompt service.  We are qualified and hold the necessary insurances.  Our knowledge and experience of the planning and building regulation legislation allows us to guide you through the processes to achieve the very best design solutions.

How much do you charge for an initial consultation?

PMG Ltd offer a free initial consultation for domestic projects which are local to our offices.  Following this initial consultation we will be able to provide a fee proposal for carrying out the architectural work on your project.

How much do you charge for preparing the architectural plans?

PMG Ltd do not have any set fees, as our fees will relate to the nature and complexity of each project.  As a guide, our fees for a small single storey extension to a dwelling start at £1200+VAT.  We would be very pleased to discuss your project and offer a quotation

How far will you travel?

Whilst PMG Ltd focuses its work in the areas close to its office, we would be pleased to discuss potential projects with clients based further afield.

When do I pay your fees?

PMG Ltd will invoice 25% of our fee on instruction, a further 25% of the fee following the measured survey and the final 50% of our fee following the production of the first set of plans

How long will the process take?

PMG Ltd will be able to advise you of our current lead in period.  Once we have carried out the measured survey we aim to provide the first set of initial plans within 2 weeks.  We work tirelessly to ensure that we progress our projects and produce our plans promptly.  The planning application will take in the region of 8 weeks to determine, and the Building Regulations application in the region of 3-5 weeks.  PMG Ltd have developed an unrivalled relationship with local planning and building regulation authorities and this excellent relationship often results in applications being determined very promptly.

Do I have to do anything?

Once you have approved the design, we prepare all the information and act as your agent through the planning and building regulation processes.

Will we need any other professionals on our project?

Depending upon the nature of the project we may require the services of other specialist designers, such as a structural engineer, thermal engineer etc.  PMG Ltd can advise on the need for any other specialists as the project progresses.

What other fees do I pay?

During the process you will need to pay the application fees direct to the relevant authorities and PMG Ltd will advise of the application fees in during our initial consultation and within our quotation.  If the project requires the involvement of any other specialist designers, such as a structural engineer, then these specialist designers would attract an additional fee.  PMG Ltd work closely with a range of specialist designers and would seek quotations from any specialists on your behalf.

Will my project require Planning Approval?

The position, size and nature of the proposed extension, loft conversion, alterations etc would determine whether planning approval is required.  Some domestic extensions are classified as permitted development and would not require planning approval.  PMG Ltd will consider the need for planning approval during their initial consultation.  The planning portal provides details of when planning permission may be required

Will my project require Building Regulation Approval?

The majority of extensions, garage conversions, loft conversions etc will require Building Regulation approval.  Certain conservatories, porches, small detached garages/structures can benefit from a Building Regulations exemption.  PMG Ltd will consider the need for Building Regulation approval during their initial consultation.  The planning portal provides details of types of projects which would require Building Regulation approval

How long does the Planning Approval last?

The planning approval will require that building works are substantially commenced within 3 years of the approval date.

What happens if my planning application is rejected?

Our knowledge and understanding of the planning process and policies has allowed us to achieve a very high success rate for planning applications, in fact we very rarely receive any rejections.  In the unlikely event that a planning application is rejected we would consider the reasons for rejection and either look at the potential to amend the design to satisfy the reasons for refusal or look at the potential to appeal against the rejection notice.

What happens if my Building Regulations application is rejected?

PMG Ltd have a 100% success rate for Building Regulation applications and have never had a Building Regulations application rejected.  

Do you have insurance?

PMG Ltd holds the necessary professional indemnity insurance

Do you have any qualifications?

Paul Gosling graduated from the University of Greenwich with an honours degree.  Paul is a Chartered Surveyor with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and is a Fellow of the Chartered Associated of Building Engineers.  Previously Paul spent 17 years working in Building Control Authorities.

What is a measured survey?

Prior to commencing any architectural plans PMG Ltd will need to carry out a measured survey of your property.  The measured survey involves taking measurements of the building in order to produce an accurate set of existing plans.  During the measured survey PMG Ltd will also look to ascertain a range of information about the construction of your property, including; drainage layouts, structural elements, construction types etc.

Are your plans fully detailed?

PMG Ltd take pride in the plans we prepare and ensure that our plans are fully detailed, with accurate floor plans and elevations, section drawings, detailed substructure plans, detailed superstructure plans, comprehensive specifications etc.  Builders enjoy working to our plans due to the level of detailing and accuracy provided.  We would be pleased to provide you with examples of our plans.

What is the Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall Act provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls, excavations near neighbouring buildings etc.  If you project involves any works to a party wall, or any excavations within 3m of a neighbouring property then you are likely to be required to seek your neighbours approval under the Party Wall Act.  The Party Wall Explanatory Booklet provides details of the Party Wall Act –  We would be pleased to recommend a Party Wall Surveyor to handle the party wall matters on your project.

Will any below ground drainage have an impact on my project?

As part of the design process it is important that the layout of any existing below ground drainage is fully understood as this will then allow the proposed extension to be designed to suit any constraints imposed by the drainage

What information do I need to provide for you to start work on my architectural plans?

To enable PMG to commence work on your project we will require an instruction to work on your behalf.

My builder says I don’t need an detailed architectural plans

Carrying out a construction project without a set of architectural plans introduces a significant risk to the project.  The provision of a set of detailed plans will allow your builder to prepare a detailed quotation without any ambiguity, will allow your builder to progress the construction phase promptly and without having to delay the works whilst your preferred approach is considered, and will help ensure that the completed project satisfies your requirements.

Can you recommend any builders?

PMG Ltd work closely with a number of builders and we would be very pleased to recommend builders for your project

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